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Telephone English Course (English for the Telephone)
When you're not a native English speaker, understanding someone speaking in English over the telephone can be quite challenging, because you cannot see
Learning how to communicate well on the telephone is one of your top priorities? Do you need to use English at work or in a casual context? Well, look no further. has all the resources you need to learn and practice English for the telephone.
the person you are trying to communicate with. And speaking English over the telephone and making yourself understood can be a difficult skill for you to master, too.

However, with the comprehensive collection of Telephone English resources available here at to help you improve your telephoning skills, life should get a lot easier...

Because the English spoken over the telephone is based upon a limited number of common phrases and language patterns, and we've recorded them all for you.

The Telephone English section of the database comprises audio recordings of the most common phrases used in phone conversations, plus dialogues and role-play exercises specially designed to improve your telephoning skills.

To learn English for the telephone with, all you have to do is listen to these recordings and repeat after the native speakers. And remember, practice makes perfect!

Telephone English resources
Now that you've heard about our Telephone English resources - if you want to see for yourself what they are like and practice some common phrases used on the phone in a business context, just follow the links below:

- Starting the call
The first thing to say when you make a call.

- Asking to be put through to the extension you need
How to ask the switchboard operator to put you through to a certain extension.

- Getting through to the person or department you want
How to ask the switchboard operator to put you through to a certain person or department.

- Giving further information about the purpose of your call
Phrases you can use to give further information about the purpose of your call.

- Explaining where you are calling from
Phrases you can use to explain the receiver where you are calling from.

Popular topics
Popular Telephone English topics available at include:
- Starting the call
- Answering the phone
- Transferring the call
- Taking a message
- Leaving a message
- Ending the conversation
And these are just a few of the resources available. We also have some useful Telephone English tips...
If you want to extend your skills beyond English for the telephone, you are welcome: contains hundreds of interactive Listening & Speaking activities with audio. Plus tons of Reading & Writing activities, online tests and quizzes, the free dictionary with over 140,000 entries, and much more.

With more than 2,100 audio files and about 500 English-learning pages (excluding the dictionary!), is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for learning English. It helps you speak English clearly and confidently and it's easy to use for all levels and ages!

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