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Improve Your English Pronunciation
If you want to improve your English pronunciation, then this is the place to be! is the largest English-learning website in the world, and it has hundreds of dynamic Listening & Speaking activities with audio. Plus tons of Reading & Writing activities, online tests and quizzes, the free dictionary with over 140,000 entries, and much more.

British and American English Pronunciation
All voices are native speakers of British and American English from Oxford, London, Scotland, New York, San Diego (California), Massachusetts and Canada carefully selected to cover a wide range of accents, so as to help you get used to every possible native speaker accent in the world and be able to speak English as it is spoken in real-life situations by native speakers.

Learn English Pronunciation - Faster & Smarter
With more than 2,600 audio files and more than 500 English-learning pages (excluding the dictionary!), is the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to improve your pronunciation. It helps you speak English clearly and confidently and it's easy to use for all levels and ages.
You can connect to the English-learning database using any computer and as often as you like, browse our resources by subject and by type, search using keywords, listen to audio, practice British and American English pronunciation, check out the online tests - anytime, anywhere. And just double-click any word on any page to look it up in the English dictionary - instantly!

Free EFL/ESL Samples
So - to browse the English-learning resources - just follow the links below:
    • Practical English (General English) - free samples
    (This is the complete list of free resources in the Practical English category).
    • Accounting English - free samples
    (This is the complete list of free resources in the Accounting English category).
    • All free EFL/ESL resources.
    (This is the complete list of free resources in all categories).

Or, if you prefer, you can jump directly to some pronunciation exercises:
English for Beginners:
    • Countries and nationalities: Pronunciation Practice 1
    • Money: Pronunciation Practice 1 (International currencies)
    • Money: Pronunciation Practice 3 (European money: euro and cent).
Accounting English:
    • Assets: Pronunciation Practice
    • Depreciation: Pronunciation Practice.

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