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At a doctor

I have a terrible stomachache.

Doctor: Good morning. Please have a seat here. What´s the problem?
Paul Ryefield: I have a terrible stomachache.
Doctor: Do you have diarrhea?
Paul Ryefield: Yes, I do.
Doctor: Do you have any other symptoms?
Paul Ryefield: Yes, I feel sick.
Doctor: You mean you feel nauseous?
Paul Ryefield: That´s right. I feel like vomiting. And right now I feel dizzy, too.
Doctor: When did the symptoms start?
Paul Ryefield: This morning. Yesterday evening I ate something raw.
Doctor: All right. Please take off your clothes to the waist and lie down there. ... Just tell me if it hurts when I do this.
Paul Ryefield: It doesn´t hurt. ... Ouch. It hurts there.
Doctor: Okay. Let´s hope it´s just indigestion, but we´ll need to run some diagnostic tests to be sure. We´ll run a blood test and we´ll also need a urine sample.
Paul Ryefield: Can you give me something for the time being?
Doctor: Yes, I´ll give you a prescription for indigestion tablets.

Resource ID:1374
Level:Pre-intermediate English learning resource level: pre-intermediate
Classified under: Practical English: Health problems
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